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Frequently Asked Questions

Our earrings are uniquely designed to allow combining multiple pieces together, to create your desired look.

When you buy a 18K Rose Gold Pin, you might pick a White Pearl, a Rose Pearl or any other color to match with it. If you purchase multiple pearl components, you'll be able to swap out the pearl color to match your outfit in a matter of seconds.

The pieces are not welded or glued together, they just fit each other in a modular way to form the final product!

Every single jewelry item is 100% authentic, the gold we use is 18K, and the diamonds are real diamonds.

You will notice on gold items a "B" emblem (some of the studs can't permit fitting it), but that "B" represents our unique registered mark.

You'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity card with your order.

Wouldn't you appreciate if someone gifted you a pair of earrings, that opens up options to match more of your outfits, by simply adding more components to your collection over time?

Getting only one component every so often, you'll end up with so many possibilities, where you'll be able to interchange the modules for every occasion.

We offer free shipping for orders over $99. We only ship to the United States and Lebanon.

You can return the item 14 days after delivery. Please refer to our Return Policy for details.


Every package is a gift box

Whether you're gifting earrings to someone, or buying for yourself, you'll receive a small box that you can carry everywhere you go.

It contains a soft pouch that is split in two compartments (using stitches), to separate the left earring from the right.

Bogh's Jewelry Packaging